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InterConnect Executive Summit




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Introduction of InterConnect Executive Summit

InterConnect Executive Summit is the top business network event in the Western Balkans region, planned and organized with global economic excellence. This recurring event connects local company owners and C-levels, with speakers and guests of global rank – and with each other.

The top business network event in
the Western Balkans region

The top business network event in the Western Balkans region




GLOBAL INDUSTRY LEADING SPEAKER AND GUESTS, that represent 50 billion EUR annual turnover

2 days




The event takes place twice a year and is the must-see for all internationally minded C-levels from the Western Balkans, to

  • Connect with International Executives that come especially for the event, without big effort and travel cost, “at home”
  • Build new business relations
  • Find new investment partners
  • Hear about moving topics, learn from the best
  • Exchange among senior leaders, cross-sector

Why this is a must-attend event

All key stakeholders in one place

There is no other event in the Western Balkans that brings all decision makers in one place, and that is powered and driven by the economy (non-political).
20+ international guests are attending (C-Levels and company owners) that are coming to see Western Balkans business opportunities in one place. Most of them are not yet invested in the region but see their benefit from the rising potential and the global need for nearshoring.
200+ attendees are the crème de la creme of Western Balkan business decision makers. Opportunities to meet, discuss and create new business are manifold.

State of the art summit organization

With our B2B networking app, pre-book meetings with the C-level audience, giving you access to hundreds new potential business leads.
Organization behind is experienced in organizing and partnering in international, industry leading conferences, e.g., in and around IAA fair (Munich & Frankfurt), CES (Las Vegas), Shanghai Motor Show and events connected to the leading Automotive papers.

Exclusive receptions and executive meetings

Build new partnerships and network with industry leading Executives at on-site and off-site receptions, dinners, and meetings.

Benchmark against the best

Learn about solutions of global industry leaders, for the current challenges in Digital Transformation and Supply Chain Management. Discuss your specific need with them and other attendees.

Private workshops and B2B meetings

Get to the crux of your challenges and build new connections with potential clients or partners in private workshops.

Currently moving topics:


Member companies of the WB6 Chambers told us: SME and enterprise businesses are in an ongoing Digital Transformation, that challenges every part of the company governance. It is certain that international businesses transform digitally. However, there are many uncertainties, especially to conversative businesses, about
• What is excellent?
• What is required?
• How can my business transform digitally?
• What are the business models behind?

InterConnect Executive Summit will provide you with answers to these questions, and gives you the chance to discuss and form new solutions.


Modern Supply Chain Management is data centric, digitally optimized and collaborative. The impact of ongoing global disruption is forcing a dramatic shift in Supply Chain Management.

Learn about solutions and challenges from international organizations, that mark resilient Supply Chains as their main priority these days. Learn also about their much strengthened need in nearshoring, with is a huge potential for the Western Balkan economy.

Behind InterConnect is experience in organizing top level Executive summits & events around the biggest global Auto shows (Frankfurt, Munich, Detroit, Shanghai), Consumer Electronics (Las Vegas) and other industry leading top events in Europe and the US. For InterConnect, that experience is combined with a deep understanding of the Western Balkans business setup (opportunities and challenges) and with empathy to “connect the right dots”.

Find this reflected in the sponsor packages and feel free to talk to the organizers.